Revamping site 2017

AS some things have changed in the green world the marsealwater site will be looking at how things may change with water being the prime mover for future posts also other parts of the site will be edited.

Desalination of Sea Water

Scan_20160511This is a sketch of a plant drawing water from the Thames to produce water for potable purposes and as can be seen there are a number of points where a water turbine could be installed in-line.  Point 1 would be start before the chemical addition process/filtration and the power produced could run the plant with zero carbon emissions. Between 2 and 3 is another area where water turbines could be used and the power could go to the grid. Of course there are a lot of steps before this kind of project could be approved and the cost of in-line insertion is another cost factor, however the actual building costs could be minimal and the water is being pumped from the River Thames at pressure anyway so why not use that flow to produce clean energy, small enough for the plant only or large enough to be a contributor to the power grid.

Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power

Even at this part of the 21st Century there is doubt over the build, safety and construction of nuclear power stations that will be the mainstay of most nations power requirements. When it is estimated that one power plant will be in $billions without any true concept of future life and also the current threat of terrorist activity will make nations wonder at the legitimacy of building new nuclear power plants.
All the environmentalists shout out for renewable energy but never seem to truly come up with any sound proposals, the shout is "We need renewable energy" but they never come up with sound ideas or principles. No good shouting do something or support ideas that are functional and available, but the usual response is WIND, and not  natures kind.

Coal will be gone by end of decade

I would rather have coal powerWith no coal mines is this the future of renewable energy, where will the people live?
The UK Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change has decided the coal fired power stations in the UK will be gone in the next few years, the secret plan is renewable as left + Toxic Nuclear Stations as future energy supply. Sorry forgot the most expensive renewable supply Offshore Wind disasters waiting to happen. All of the offshore systems need to be maintained so an industry has grown up for supply/maintenance ships to do this very job, not easy in storm force winds. We are surrounded by water and we have the technology to produce water turbines of all shapes and designs even to radial flow turbines to use sea or fresh water as the driving force, so low in carbon footprint it is lost in the paperwork. Also note this week that a very long water pipe system has been launched to convey water to areas that suffer drought. Sea Water driven water turbines can divert sea water to desalination plants for irrigation in Kent or Kenya so free power supply and water. Why oh why won't these high powered ministers and their caravan of letter writers and naysayers just stop and listen to the sea and smell the carbon free power generated by an unseen water powered power station. An  environmentally secure generator of electricity and only a fraction of the cost of a Nuclear Time Bomb or unsafe offshore windmills that cost a fortune each year for maintenance. WHY IGNORE ALMOST FREE WATER POWER!! To get the same output with Solar Panels it would be necessary to cover the whole of the UK with solar farms. The world is 2/3ds water why not use the god given source of infinite power and potable water with an almost zero carbon footprint.


The Bigger Picture


This is a more Industrial Set up and as can be seen by the men setting up components of the “Water Turbine” the Pelton wheels are a re quite large. (Walchenseewerk_Pelton) Even though the unit looks very large it is easier to maintain than trying to overhaul or repair a Wind Turbine at great height.

With many designs of water turbine they can be used to advantage in either an urban or countryside environment. Where drought is a problem a water turbine can be driven by sea-water with the motive power water being diverted to a desalination plant to produce irrigation water. If oil can be piped over hundreds of miles/kilometres then why not do the same with water to ensure farmers have all the water they need.  A wind turbine produces electricity but that is the only output available and they are costly to maintain.

Solar Power Fields, why remove farm land from use to place a ton of solar panels in their place, we can’t eat solar panels and food is getting scarce as the worlds population increases.ET