What Can Be Done at Home

simple gold miner systemThis is classed as the Gold Miner System which looks very simple when tied into a simple on line generator, just looks like an old tub on top.  An ideal system for the backwoods life or just if there is a supply of water that can be diverted.

As a back up system then ‘Solar Panels’ can be adapted to be used during the time of overhaul and repair of the ‘Water Turbine’, so we have two simple solutions for home applications. The advantage of using both systems is the availability of power production for all times of the year using ‘Natures Gifts’ sun and water.

Home Systems-What is Available

From a power house to a local stream or river just two methods of diverting water to a water turbine to produce local power.  There are also small wind power generators for use on a home type of installation that could help to reduce power costs over a period of time. With water power it is possible to use many variations of rotor from a wheel like a paddle steamer to a multi stage wheel for a larger community system. The big benefit of water to power unit is that the installation can be hidden or underground so no eyesore for the local population and nothing for birds and wildlife to get tangled in. Where will solar power fit into the scheme of home supply and cutting costs, next post will look at that aspect.skema hydro power

Stream Supply
Inline Generator

Water Power Can Be Very Simple

running since the Roman Era
Pretty to look at, add a generator + running gear becomes pretty efficient

To all those comments that were of interest we are looking at what was said and will in time cover the spectrum of requests, but please no more sunglasses, shoes, boots or other web pages that take time to read.

It has taken time to consider the useful suggestions and we will be looking at a range of Green e books and information that will be of use to all who read them.

Throughout the old civilised world there are ruins of roman and Pre Roman engineering feats where water ‘The Source of Life’ has been diverted into towns and fountains and public drainage schemes. With our advances in engineering and micro electronics there is no wall that cant be breached so we can use natural resources to produce almost carbon free electricity, and while we are about is we should be re-introducing the most natural of filters for oxygen that nature provided:- More Trees and Greenery. The principle of generating electricity in it’s simplest form is below, a toy with power and no carbon to capture from the operating system. But like all great inventions it is the Keep It Simple Simon that switches on the thought process. Sir Charles Algernon Parsons did it with the reassessment of ‘Heroes Wheel’ the today concept for power stations using coal, oil and gas, how much less costly to use water in almost any situation. Using sea water gives a bonus of power to desalination to irrigation,

This lights the 'LIGHT'
Surely it is not that easy!!





Mountain Greenery Should Not Be Spoilt by Wind Turbines


Would a wind turbine function here?
In this environment a Water Turbine could be almost invisible why put up enormous windmills to generate electricity on the odd occasion the drive wind was suitable!! How about a 350ft wind turbine here!!

When the world is looking for a way to generate electricity it is always what appears to be the cheapest and easiest solution that is used. The prime concern is not to spend too much money on the project, hence the proliferation of huge toy windmills, cheap, ugly and not that efficient.

Tide surges and other tidal systems are considered too difficult to install and maintain and yet $millions are spent on offshore wind farm maintenance and supply vessels that can not get out to the offshore wind-farms in serious weather when manpower is probably essential to prevent a meltdown or failure of one of the many “windmills in the Sea”. AS the worlds weather gets worse, according to many sceptics involved with climate change, what is the point of putting any form of power generation in the offshore areas of any land mass!!


Climate Change Again-Yet Another Tall Story Of Arctic/Antarctic Ice Mass??

Here we go again from the gathering at the UN to the marches in different parts of the world a braying crowd demanding action! What action is required, perhaps the only solution is a drastic cutting of the worlds population with almost instant effect. The other solution is to close every coal/oil fired power station, stop all forms of industry and remove all internal combustion engines world wide at the exact same time, this is the environmentalists desire and then what. Total Poverty-Starvation-World Wide War to claim the areas with food and potable water. It would be Mad Max in real life.

Time for the Environmentalists to come up with Plan B as their Plan A to close down the world will decimate the whole planet, as yet the Greens or whatever they call themselves are great at marching and shouting people down but no alternatives to maintain life on this planet, why is that? Throughout the life of this blog I have proposed the use of Water Turbines as a way of green power and a plus result of drive sea water going to Desalination Plants where we can derive potable water for crop irrigation and topping up reservoirs. This is more cost effective and a damn site more efficient than these toy windmills that can only work if the WIND IS BLOWING AT THE RIGHT SPEED AND DIRECTION. These systems can be placed anywhere there is water even if no hills or waterfalls an artificial waterfall can be created which would be good to look at and not a blot on the landscape and from the collection pool it can be recirculated back to the waterfall.

Environmentalists Please Tell The World What Your Plan B is or is their just a vacuum like most protests about the climate and the overpopulated world called Earth.