Offshore Wind Farms

These farms sprouting up all over the world will cause a shipping disaster in the near future especially in poor weather conditions. If GPS navigation fails will the bridge lookouts see these wind-farms before they hit them? Understand one vessel has already hit a wind turbine pedestal in English waters and the small vessel is leaking gas oil into the sea. Not ‘Environmentally Friendly is It’.

Water and not Wind?

Wind turbines are proliferating world wide but are not necessarily the most efficient way of producing electricity. Pictured is a simple system where the water in a tank is heated the steam drives the wheel around, now if we pressurise the tank it would be water rotating the wheel, but if the principle is changed and water is directed to the nozzles no tank is needed, take this further and contain the rotary element into a housing and then push or drop water through a designed rotor we connect with a generator and gearing we have power production in its simplest/ crudest  form. In spite of the simplistic construction with modern materials and construction techniques a very creditable efficient water turbine in varying size and out put can be constructed, and in areas where drought is constant the sea water used to drive the rotary unit can go to desalination processes for irrigation.

Heat water rotate ball!! Pressurise Water and Rotate Ball
Heat water rotate ball!! Pressurise Water and Rotate Ball


Do Industry’s and Individuals Need Oil

War or serious unrest in oil producing countries affects everyone else in the world, if oil is restricted then communities suffer, not just the ‘rich in the West’ but the poor everywhere suffer from fuel shortage. The problem is that wind turbines will not manage to cover the total requirement of power to keep industry and individuals running at present capacity, what happens when we are held to ransom if we continue to depend so totally on oil. There are sufficient reserves of oil world wide to continue to drive personal and industrial needs for a short period of time, however if all nations are to benefit from the results of industry we need to move away from relying on oil and the insignificant amount of power from wind turbines. There are a number of water power experiments going on world wide but the obvious answer of water turbines is totally missed, look at ‘Heroes Wheel’ where it shows steam rotating a couple of cups, drop water into the same test vehicle instead and you have power for ever and as previously noted the sea water driven systems can generate fresh water from the residue of power production by redirecting the flow to desalination plants.

To Frack or not to Frack that is the Question regarding water contamination

The question is whether we should use ‘Fracking ‘ to obtain ‘Shale Oil’ or not, but why not, older technology was used to extract oil during the late 1930’s to 1940’s when oil was desperately needed  The problem  with technology is the vocal ends of “Greens and Friends of the Earth”  are unable to see far enough ahead to see that nations may to go to war to protect their Fossil Assets+ Food+ Water. When it comes to using ‘Fracking’ to obtain gas they say the water table will be contaminated and yet two thirds of the world is covered in water that we can’t drink or use for irrigation but we have technology that converts sea water to potable water and as stated earlier in these blogs we can use sea water to drive water turbines that produce enough electricity for all of our needs. After power we can then desalinate that water flow to give water that is not contaminated. How many Wind Turbines can give us power and the ability to produce potable water to drink and irrigate crops??????? Wind Turbines are not carbon free either in manufacture or use and their maintenance generates carbon and high cost.  Offshore Wind Farm farms are the most expensive folly of modern times.

The Future?

When the cost of repair is excessive.
  I need serious maintenance!!

If this is the future for onshore wind-farms how will the Of-shore wind-farms survive? When the cost outweighs the value then the wind-turbine becomes so much scrap, however if the generation end is useable connect it to a Water Turbine or even a very old Water Wheel that has been refurbished. Is this the Green carbon free dream of the eco warriors!