Climate Change Again-Yet Another Tall Story Of Arctic/Antarctic Ice Mass??

Here we go again from the gathering at the UN to the marches in different parts of the world a braying crowd demanding action! What action is required, perhaps the only solution is a drastic cutting of the worlds population with almost instant effect. The other solution is to close every coal/oil fired power station, stop all forms of industry and remove all internal combustion engines world wide at the exact same time, this is the environmentalists desire and then what. Total Poverty-Starvation-World Wide War to claim the areas with food and potable water. It would be Mad Max in real life.

Time for the Environmentalists to come up with Plan B as their Plan A to close down the world will decimate the whole planet, as yet the Greens or whatever they call themselves are great at marching and shouting people down but no alternatives to maintain life on this planet, why is that? Throughout the life of this blog I have proposed the use of Water Turbines as a way of green power and a plus result of drive sea water going to Desalination Plants where we can derive potable water for crop irrigation and topping up reservoirs. This is more cost effective and a damn site more efficient than these toy windmills that can only work if the WIND IS BLOWING AT THE RIGHT SPEED AND DIRECTION. These systems can be placed anywhere there is water even if no hills or waterfalls an artificial waterfall can be created which would be good to look at and not a blot on the landscape and from the collection pool it can be recirculated back to the waterfall.

Environmentalists Please Tell The World What Your Plan B is or is their just a vacuum like most protests about the climate and the overpopulated world called Earth.