Coal will be gone by end of decade

I would rather have coal powerWith no coal mines is this the future of renewable energy, where will the people live?
The UK Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change has decided the coal fired power stations in the UK will be gone in the next few years, the secret plan is renewable as left + Toxic Nuclear Stations as future energy supply. Sorry forgot the most expensive renewable supply Offshore Wind disasters waiting to happen. All of the offshore systems need to be maintained so an industry has grown up for supply/maintenance ships to do this very job, not easy in storm force winds. We are surrounded by water and we have the technology to produce water turbines of all shapes and designs even to radial flow turbines to use sea or fresh water as the driving force, so low in carbon footprint it is lost in the paperwork. Also note this week that a very long water pipe system has been launched to convey water to areas that suffer drought. Sea Water driven water turbines can divert sea water to desalination plants for irrigation in Kent or Kenya so free power supply and water. Why oh why won't these high powered ministers and their caravan of letter writers and naysayers just stop and listen to the sea and smell the carbon free power generated by an unseen water powered power station. An  environmentally secure generator of electricity and only a fraction of the cost of a Nuclear Time Bomb or unsafe offshore windmills that cost a fortune each year for maintenance. WHY IGNORE ALMOST FREE WATER POWER!! To get the same output with Solar Panels it would be necessary to cover the whole of the UK with solar farms. The world is 2/3ds water why not use the god given source of infinite power and potable water with an almost zero carbon footprint.