Water Power Can Be Very Simple

running since the Roman Era
Pretty to look at, add a generator + running gear becomes pretty efficient

To all those comments that were of interest we are looking at what was said and will in time cover the spectrum of requests, but please no more sunglasses, shoes, boots or other web pages that take time to read.

It has taken time to consider the useful suggestions and we will be looking at a range of Green e books and information that will be of use to all who read them.

Throughout the old civilised world there are ruins of roman and Pre Roman engineering feats where water ‘The Source of Life’ has been diverted into towns and fountains and public drainage schemes. With our advances in engineering and micro electronics there is no wall that cant be breached so we can use natural resources to produce almost carbon free electricity, and while we are about is we should be re-introducing the most natural of filters for oxygen that nature provided:- More Trees and Greenery. The principle of generating electricity in it’s simplest form is below, a toy with power and no carbon to capture from the operating system. But like all great inventions it is the Keep It Simple Simon that switches on the thought process. Sir Charles Algernon Parsons did it with the reassessment of ‘Heroes Wheel’ the today concept for power stations using coal, oil and gas, how much less costly to use water in almost any situation. Using sea water gives a bonus of power to desalination to irrigation,

This lights the 'LIGHT'
Surely it is not that easy!!