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Water Wheel instead of a Wind Turbine!!
2000 years of faithful service producing all we needed, now stick a generator onto it good for even more years.Eole-Water-Wind-Turbine-Components

From the use of water turbines in all shapes, sizes and outputs to personal life choices and the ability to adopt 'Green' principles and mechanics to help reduce the planets endangered atmosphere, seas and landmass. One of the problems with generation of electricity is the necessity of using coal, gas or oil to generate power so the earth has a finite amount of these power producing materials. Fossil fuels are not inexhaustible  so they must be saved and used with care and caution. Fresh water is another finite resource which is squandered throughout the world and all those areas that suffer from drought are increasing in size, even in enlightened countries drought is not necessary.  Ships that ply their trade world wide can produce their own potable water so why do countries suffer drought? It is possible to recycle the wealth of minerals from the process of desalination of sea water, saving more resources when manufacturing certain minerals.

Take an old generator system from a Wind Turbine and attach to the 'Water Wheel' a match of ancient and modern giving almost free power and looks much more environmentally friendly. This arrangement is so much easier to maintain also, no hoisting equipment and tools some 250 feet into the air to maintain a turbine. Pretty to Look at and controllable efficiency. One other important point is that there is no necessity to build fleets of supply ships or risk lives maintaining a water turbine, and this system is not a risk to life.




water-wheel home energy project

The Two Ends of Water Power

On the Left is the 'Backwoods' unit and on the Right is the more large population requirement, however both fulfill a requirement of almost totally GREEN Power, no atmospheric pollution and almost unlimited use. By using water instead of wind it is possible to control power to requirements rather than over produce at a time of low usage from home or industry. Industry could have their own self contained recycling units using water towers and a through flow to recycle to water tower.

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Alternate Energy

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