Do Industry’s and Individuals Need Oil

War or serious unrest in oil producing countries affects everyone else in the world, if oil is restricted then communities suffer, not just the ‘rich in the West’ but the poor everywhere suffer from fuel shortage. The problem is that wind turbines will not manage to cover the total requirement of power to keep industry and individuals running at present capacity, what happens when we are held to ransom if we continue to depend so totally on oil. There are sufficient reserves of oil world wide to continue to drive personal and industrial needs for a short period of time, however if all nations are to benefit from the results of industry we need to move away from relying on oil and the insignificant amount of power from wind turbines. There are a number of water power experiments going on world wide but the obvious answer of water turbines is totally missed, look at ‘Heroes Wheel’ where it shows steam rotating a couple of cups, drop water into the same test vehicle instead and you have power for ever and as previously noted the sea water driven systems can generate fresh water from the residue of power production by redirecting the flow to desalination plants.