To Frack or not to Frack that is the Question regarding water contamination

The question is whether we should use ‘Fracking ‘ to obtain ‘Shale Oil’ or not, but why not, older technology was used to extract oil during the late 1930’s to 1940’s when oil was desperately needed  The problem  with technology is the vocal ends of “Greens and Friends of the Earth”  are unable to see far enough ahead to see that nations may to go to war to protect their Fossil Assets+ Food+ Water. When it comes to using ‘Fracking’ to obtain gas they say the water table will be contaminated and yet two thirds of the world is covered in water that we can’t drink or use for irrigation but we have technology that converts sea water to potable water and as stated earlier in these blogs we can use sea water to drive water turbines that produce enough electricity for all of our needs. After power we can then desalinate that water flow to give water that is not contaminated. How many Wind Turbines can give us power and the ability to produce potable water to drink and irrigate crops??????? Wind Turbines are not carbon free either in manufacture or use and their maintenance generates carbon and high cost.  Offshore Wind Farm farms are the most expensive folly of modern times.