The Bigger Picture


This is a more Industrial Set up and as can be seen by the men setting up components of the “Water Turbine” the Pelton wheels are a re quite large. (Walchenseewerk_Pelton) Even though the unit looks very large it is easier to maintain than trying to overhaul or repair a Wind Turbine at great height.

With many designs of water turbine they can be used to advantage in either an urban or countryside environment. Where drought is a problem a water turbine can be driven by sea-water with the motive power water being diverted to a desalination plant to produce irrigation water. If oil can be piped over hundreds of miles/kilometres then why not do the same with water to ensure farmers have all the water they need.  A wind turbine produces electricity but that is the only output available and they are costly to maintain.

Solar Power Fields, why remove farm land from use to place a ton of solar panels in their place, we can’t eat solar panels and food is getting scarce as the worlds population increases.ET